Interview with Mike Belshe CTO and Co-Founder of BitGo

We interview Mike Belshe CTO of BitGo about the company he co-founded and about the future security of Bitcoin. Listen as we talk about the following topics:
* Security and the role Multi-Signature plays in securing bitcoin: 01:10:00
* M of N: 08:06:00
* The attack surface and vectors BitGo has encountered 15:48:50
* Monetization of Mulit-Signature security: 18:52:00
* The Threat Bitcoin poses to established payment processors 22:27:50
* Mike's "ah ha" Bitcoin moment: 25:20:00
* Maybe Apple isn't evil? 28:13:50

Jon Holmquist - Candidate position for Bitcoin Foundation Industry Member Board Seat

Our guest, Jon Holmquist, presents his reasons why he is a good candidate for the Bitcoin Foundation industry board seat. Two seats are currently open and voting by industry board members will end this weekend. Jon also talks about his Bitcoin Black Friday project. We wish Jon and all the candidates the best of luck. - Interview with John Betts and Jon Holmquest of Sunlot Holdings, Ltd.


Are the pieces greater than the whole? In the case of the rescue Mt. Gox, we would venture the answer would be yes, as the current bankruptcy, court proceedings and lawyers would greatly reduce any creditor returns. John Betts and Jon Holmquist of Sunlot Holdings Ltd., would like to rehabilitate Mt. Gox to restore confidence to the market place and attempt to recoup account holders losses. Please listen to our interview with these gentlemen to hear their plan.

DARK MARKET : TRADE IS NOT A CRIME (p.s. we'd like to think not!)

account penetration

Last night (Friday 4-11-14), while you were sleeping, three guys at a hackathon in Toronto created a free market. You are probably thinking, what does that even mean? Before one can fully grasp the importance of this event a little background is in order.

A free market is any trade unregulated by the state. The term black market arises from the inability of the state to see and thereby control trade, but applies equally to trade over which the state asserts no control. In a free market each exchange is a voluntary agreement between two parties.

Generate Your Own Private Keys – Guest Contributor William Swanson

Security is one of the most important important elements in the bitcoin space. In addition, as was evidenced by the bankruptcy of Mt.Gox, YOU ARE YOUR OWN BANK. Additionally, as you are the only security officer, you need to secure your bitcoins yourself offline in the a safe and prudent manner. First start with a key set. However, some random number generators have been discovered to have back door ensuring said number are not truly random. So how do you generate a key pair you are sure that is totally private and secure? Easy, create you own!